Introducing Broughton Indian Water Buffalo, part of the Fundamentally Food family of high quality sustainable products. 21st century ingredients for chefs.

Our neighbours, Degan and Jess James in Broughton village, Hampshire started their water buffalo business around the same time as we started growing mushrooms as Fundamentally Fungus 20 years ago. They are having great success in regenerating the chalk downland on their farm. Indian water buffalo are not only magnificent animals who produce highly nutritious and good flavoured meat, they are adept at surviving on relatively poor grazing such as chalk downs grassland. They use a system called mob grazing which allows access to strips of grazing. This means the animals get regular fresh grazing which they are eager to get to, the sward is grazed down which helps germination of wild flower seeds and the droppings are trampled into the soil which improves soil structure, moisture and fertility.

The action of trampling and natural manuring encourages the return of native species of plants which in turn supports a range of wildlife. Degan and Jess are also re-planting native trees and hedges and have dug a wildlife pond. Though not organically certified, no chemicals are used on the land and the animals are strong and healthy in this low intensity regenerative farming process. It also means the animals, which are mighty beasts, can easily be handled without stress. No dogs and sticks on this farm and calves stay with their mothers. As warm climate animals, they are indoors in the winter but are grass fed from summer haymaking from the land.

The animals are killed locally, hung for 28 days and butchered on site. No wholesalers in this chain - just them us and you.

This is of course the traditional ‘beef’ of the Indian and southern Asia regions so if you want to offer a really authentic beef dishes, this is your main ingredient. Or if you want to have a healthier meat option, consumers are aware of the low cholesterol healthy reputation. Buffalo milk and buffalo mozzarella are widely available in supermarkets but buffalo meat is still a restaurant speciality.

If you are interested just call us and we can get the cuts you want, including the ever popular ready made buffalo burgers.

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