Bee keeper

Bee keeper

100% natural raw honey……the sweet taste of mother nature

On the edge of Blackmoor Vale, surrounded by organic farms, Mervyn Brown produces Redhills Farm Honey from his 25 hives. At peak season, he is the grand master of up to 1.25 million of our buzzy little friends who also provide a great pollination service to nearby crops.

His honey is pure natural raw honey made by bees foraging on the clover covered pastures of Dorset.

Raw honey is as it exists in the beehive, it is extracted and simply strained. It is not heat treated so the wonderful floral aromas remain intact.

Individual honeys can contain over 100 volatile organic compounds which play a significant role in determining the flavour and aroma. This is highly specific to a local geographic area and to the types of blossom available. No two honeys are the same.

Bees gather nectar (and pollen which is a source of protein) from flowers. The nectar is taken by worker bees who prepare it for storage by adding enzymes. Water evaporates and this, with the action of the enzymes turns the nectar to honey.  Apart from a few males, they are all girls.

Granulation. All pure honeys will granulate. The sugars are a mix of glucose and fructose and glucose will precipitate out as solid granules which sit in the mix of fructose and other compounds. To return to liquid simply heat gently.

Not just baklava

Delicious though it is, honey can be used in a whole host of dishes…it’s a much more flavousome sugar substitute after all.  Honey is hygroscopic (will attract water) so good for baking as it keeps cakes moister for longer. And not forgetting, sauces, dressings, smoothies, spreads and fermented into Mead too.

Available in 454g and 250g jars.


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