Sterling White Halibut - Visit the Fish Farm in Hjelmeland, Norway

No wonder Sterling White Halibut not only looks so good, but tastes amazing.  Just check out where they are born and raised.











 About Wild Atlantic Halibut


Wild Halibut live in the very Northern part of the Atlantic and are landed at Lerwick, Shetland. Halibut are very slow growing and do not mature until 8-10 years old. That’s why the wild populations are so vulnerable to overfishing. There is no quota as Atlantic Halibut is now an endangered species so any landed are sadly trawler by-catch. Bycatch halibuts get caught from age 2 years upwards, well before maturity. Only  3-4 boxes at a time are landed and sold at the fish auction in Lerwick, seen once or twice per fortnight.  Larger amounts of the cheaper, lower quality but different species Greenland Halibut are caught wild. Sold with heads off it is very easy to mistake these lesser fish for true Atlantic halibut.

Line caught Atlantic halibut are rarely seen as populations are now so low that it is not a commercially viable catch method for the North Atlantic. True wild halibut have virtually disappeared from the UK market.

Naturally there are several steps in the supply chain from Shetland to the kitchen, so fish may be up to a week to 10 days old depending on how long trawlers are at sea.  They will mainly have drowned in the trawl nets, causing stress.  They will not have been bled and may not have been gutted on board.