Spring Newsletter 2015 - Its the crays!

Hello lovely customers

Who can believe it, but it’s already a year since we launched Fundamentally Fish. We wanted to say thank you to all of you who have supported us and given us valuable feedback.

We have:

Sterling White Halibut, whole head on gutted 3-5kgs

Very fresh, long life, superior quality from the best grower.

Open Blue Cobia, whole head on gutted 3-5kgs

Beautiful, very tasty white flesh, great barbequed. Most like

White fleshed tuna or swordfish.

And we now have a new addition to the sustainable fish family…

UK Crayfish. We now have fresh live local crayfish. They are trapped, chilled and packed to order in 5kg or 10kg boxes. We can deliver twice a week to you.

Why Crayfish?

Our native British freshwater crayfish populations in rivers and lakes are being decimated by the American Signal Crayfish. These invaders are bigger and more aggressive and they devour the much smaller native white crayfish. And unlike our native species, they also burrow into riverbanks causing collapse. Unwelcome guests indeed. 

In 2008 Matt Thompson of the Cotswold Crayfish Company set about removing them from where they are not wanted to where they are… in the cooking pot. And delicious they are too. 

They sell and hire otter safe traps, they work with landowners whose waterways are affected and have a network of experienced, licenced trappers. They also have a cleaning and grading facility on the River Kennet in Berkshire as well as a new state of the art packing/processing facility in Oxfordshire. 

Crayfish Packed in 2kg, 5kg or 10kg boxes

Call us for Pricing! 

American Signal Crayfish