A Fresh Start with Fundamentally

One of the definitions of fundamentally is the notion of going back to basics. During the lockdown we’ve all been doing some thinking along those lines. For Sue & I we’ve concluded that we love our business which is nothing without you, our lovely customers.  We’ve taken on loans we never thought we’d need and, so far at least, held onto our team so here starts the fight back….. to reopening on July 1st for orders.

We all need each other in these strange times and here are a few of the things we think we can do for you as the industry gets back onto its feet. 


With change comes opportunity.  Now is the time to become the business you always wanted to be.

NEW CUSTOMERS  Some of your competitors will not survive, think about who their customers were and if you need to aim your menu at a slightly different demographic?  Millennials have the biggest spending power now and they care about businesses with a purpose, provenance of ingredients and their own health.  If you’ve been involved with charity or just helping the neighbourhood or NHS tell all.  All of our products are produced sustainably, tell them.

But whoever the customers are, the menu needs to stand out and say something because food needs to be SPECIAL.

After months of lockdown and home cooking, restaurants more than ever need to fill that hunger for scrumptious, luscious delectable food.  And special food needs special ingredients NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else. Such as speciality mushrooms, free range meats and unusual fish. 

Customers will be understandably wary of exposing themselves to risk. They need to TRUST you.

Tell them about your trusted suppliers and that you’ve worked with them for however many years. It’s comforting and reassuring.  Customers are also very focussed on health at the moment and a new understanding of immunity has led to a surge of interest in immune boosting foods. Yes… you know it. Mushrooms are well known to boost immune health. We are going to produce a small fact sheet for your staff or to use with take-away information.

IT’S PERSONAL. Restaurant magazine summed it up…’’ Businesses that don’t have a close connection to their customers will struggle.’’  Time to loosen the tie a bit and put staff faces to names and suppliers’ names to products.  More’ finest dining’ rather than fine dining.  There has been overwhelming public support for small local businesses and the public have realised how important bars and restaurants are. They are at the very centre of our social lives and absence does seem to have made the hearts grow fonder. Get them in and keep them close, we are all missing the personal connections.

NEW IDEAS. We know some of you have been doing cook boxes, delivery/take-away and other things. Customers clearly like to have restaurant-grade ingredients not available elsewhere. Sue is working on some new things you can offer as take-home packs with information sheets and appropriate packaging.  Yauatcha in Soho have been doing take-home macaroons and exquisite desserts for a long time, they easily added mains to do take away, from that base. It works.  Keep it on?

COUNTDOWN TO THE FRESH START Stay in touch. From Saturday 13th  June  we will be highlighting a mushroom a day on twitter. If you are not yet following us we are @fungusgirls or send us your email to jane@fundamentally.net  

Let us know when you are planning to restart, we’ll call you and make it all easy peasy.  Last but not least, want to say THANK YOU. We know how hard it is right now, but Sue and I want to thank you all for honouring your outstanding invoices. We have been able to pay all of our suppliers.  

We promise to do all we can to help you back onto your feet and we will be coming up with some special offers soon.