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Mushrooms - The Inside Story

Texture – they are not vegetables and they have cell walls made of the same material as seafood shells. It is immensely tough so mushrooms have a chewy texture not found in plant material. This very appealing to vegetarians who miss textures usually found in meat. Sugars - mushrooms contain long chain polysaccharides which gives sweetish flavour. They are also highly soluble so will easily escape into any cooking liquor. Mushrooms high in sugar caramelise to a lovely golden colour when sautéed.…

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Beyond the Gardens: The Fungarium at Kew Gardens

The largest organism in the world is a mushroom that is over 1,000 years old, covering hundreds of acres in a forest in Oregon USA. All plants on Earth relay on fungi to live, and fungi out number plants six to one. Kew has the largest collection of dried fungi in the world, around 1.25 million specimens.…

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