About Us

Fundamentally Sustainable Food was developed by Jane Dick and Sue Whiting. We supply only high quality sustainably produced foods to skilled professional chefs. Our whole team is dedicated to excellence.

For Fundamentally Fungus we grow high quality, speciality cultivated mushrooms and we work directly with other growers. Launched in 1999, Fundamentally Fungus is the leading, nationwide independent specialist mushroom supplier to many Michelin Star and AA rosette awarded chefs who insist on consistently high quality. Around 60% of all our new customers come from referrals. We don’t advertise or use distributors so you may not have heard of us.

Despite choosing never to provide mushrooms picked from the wild, we have many very loyal chef customers and it is a joy for us to see young men (and more and more young women) really grasp the opportunities available in this hospitality industry, rising through the ranks becoming head chefs, often becoming parents, sometimes becoming famous too. We all enjoy our business and we like our customers, and we are easy to deal with.

In 2014 we decided to formalise our commitment to sustainability by launching a sister brand Fundamentally Fish, supplying only sustainably farmed high quality fish direct from the growers. Fundamentally Fair is the latest sub-brand which recognises the efforts and dedication of outstanding ethical producers. Our fair products are West Sussex Wagyu Beef and Indian buffalo meat.


Why use cultivated mushrooms?

In short because they offer a high quality, consistent, sustainable and traceable alternative to mushrooms taken from the wild. The year round international wild mushroom trade is unregulated and wild stocks are in danger from over-exploitation of a free resource.  

Fundamentally Fungus differs from other suppliers as we are specialist growers and work directly with other growers so that we can offer the widest range available consistently all year round. This way we have very short supply chains which mean the freshest mushrooms possible. Our four growing rooms ensure that we are able to supply mushrooms which would otherwise be unavailable or difficult to grow. Far from being the out of season fallback for wild, these are a range of superb quality, fresh and interesting mushrooms for the modern chef.

Why use sustainable fish?

Fish farming has come of age. Lessons learned from past mistakes, new technology and practices mean some farmed fish are now not only sustainable but are high quality premium products fit for the best restaurants.

Fundamentally Fish are supplied directly from passionate inspirational pioneer growers who raise these incredible fish using ground breaking techniques from egg to full grown fish ready for harvesting.   Fundamentally will only work with growers who have a strong focus on quality and compassion. These fish are handled with great care and dignity through every stage of their lives and the quality is evident when it reaches the plate. We supply our customers directly from our EU registered premises. We do not use wholesalers or third parties.

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